Moore's Floors - About


Moore's Floors was founded in May of 1985 by Mike Moore as a retail flooring store located at 9th and Ohio.  Mike worked in the flooring industry for over 10 years before founding Moores Floors.

After seven years at the 9th and Ohio location, Moore's Floors expanded to a new facility at 48th and Broadway.  We began to concentrate on commercial projects as well as our retail operations.  During that time, Moore's Floors grew into the largest Flooring store in over 100 miles of Quincy. 

On July 1st, 2004, Moore's Floors sold the retail store, Abbey Carpet, and moved to 615 Jersey.  We focused our operations solely on commercial customers.  Moore's Floors is now the largest commercial flooring store in the tri-state area, operating in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.